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Hunan Outlet of Shanghai Ellai Bathware Grandly Opens


Ellai has unveiled another new landmark store on this beautiful autumn day! Ellai Red Star Macalline Hunan Outlet, grandly inaugurated at Pudong New Area in Shanghai, is sending invitation for you to experience our exquisitely developed bathroom products and intuit the uniquely created minimalist and comfortable bathroom life.


The Hunan Outlet store of Ellai Bathware adheres to the minimalist aesthetics and pursuit of quality with a unique terminal image established to please your eyes and mind。 Rambling inside the Ellai store for personal experience, you can feel the freedom and comfort in the bathroom life。

All the elaborate decorations, such as the beautifully arranged fragrant flowers, the elegant and comfy table and chairs, carefully laid-out exhibition stand, and the lounge filled with coffee aroma, work together to create a great sense of relaxation waiting for the customer to come and feel it. Ellai directly present all the dedicate bathroom items inside the classically designed compartments for customers to browse through, which dispels the dullness in conventional display stores and ushers in a brand-new space of bathroom life to not only enhance the customer’s experience and meets with customers’ one-stop shopping requirement as well. 


During the grand opening period (October 1 to 7), all products at Ellai Bathware Hunan Outlet are offered at discount prices, with a campaign of sweet gifts prepared for fulfilled purchases. What are you waiting for?


Address of Ellai Bathware (Shanghai) Pudong Red Star Macalline Hunan Outlet

A 8188, 1F, Red Star Macalline, No. 518 Linyu Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

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