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2016 New Fortune Presentation of Future Lies with Ellai Successfully Concluded

Held in Kerry Hotel at Pudong District in Shanghai, the “Ellai Bathware’s 2016 New Fortune Presentation of Future Lies with Ellai” solemnly proceeded at 2:00 in the afternoon of June 2nd。 Mr。 Meng Linglai, President of Ellai Bathware, and Mr。 Zhu Ding, General Manager of the company were present in the meeting。 Mr。 Miu Bin, Senior Vice Chairman of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association (CBCSA), Mr。 Xu Xiwu, Deputy Secretary General of CBCSA, and other leaders of the industry were also invited。 As a strong brand built under the wing of Monopoly Ceramic Co。, Ltd。, Ellai made its comeback in China with its corporate idea of “User Friendly and Life Agreeable” after offering its services as an international prestigious brand for 17 years。 In face of the new economic dynamics in China as well as customers’ constantly changing demand for individuality, how should Ellai expand its marketing channels and open the door to wealth? How will the brand of Ellai be positioned in the future? Let us tackle these questions by studying the following three philosophical issues。 

Where does Ellai come from? -- Born on Shoulders of a Giant Among Challenges and Opportunities

     At the beginning of the meeting, President Meng Linglai of Shanghai Ellai Bathware delivered his opening speech and expounded his opinion that establishing the brand at a time of heated competition in the market of bathroom products against so many existing brands, Ellai is exposed to “both opportunities and challenges”. After three years of market research to constantly improve its product systems, business modes, readjustment of brand positioning, and calibration of its service systems, Ellai makes its official debut as a brand tailored for Chinese market with a totally new brand positioning at “User Friendly and Life Agreeable” in 2016. The opportunity posed for Ellai lies in the low market concentration rate of the bathroom product market, while the challenges faced by Ellai require the cooperation of a group of highly ambitious and trustworthy enterprise partners.

The subsequent speech made by Mr. Miu, Senior Vice Chairman of CBCSA, further confirmed the opportunities brought to Ellai Bathware. Following China’s becoming the biggest country to manufacture, consume, and export bathroom products, a series of promoting measures put forth by the state, such as “reform on the supply-end”, has push forward industrial upgrading. The return of Ellai, which has already established international status in international markets, will not only allow Chinese consumers to enjoy international high-quality products and services without going abroad but also establish itself as a positive exemplar brand in the industry of bathroom products.

Who is Ellai? -- Creator of Simple and Practical Bathroom Space

What entitles a good brand in the industry of bathroom products? Mr。 Zhu Ding, General Manager of Shanghai Ellai Bathware Co。, Ltd。, provided an accurate explanation: “Following the growth of Chinese consumers, they are willing to pay for outstanding performance, technology and services。 Upgraded consumption has become the mainstream, the middle class is becoming the major consumption force。” Under these circumstances, Ellai decides to become the leading creator of simple and practical bathroom space。 Behind the product aesthetics is the character and value held by the brand。 In the process of Ellai production, the water used for mixing the slurry is purified water, for only refined greenware will endow the product with more exquisite appearance。 Only immaculate quality of the product can sponsor the “lifelong warranty” of Ellai products。

Ellai is an outstanding representative of “Made in China”。 Ellai will continue to provide high-quality products and services for Chinese consumers with its foundation on the shoulder of the “Giant”--Tangshan Monopoly Ceramic Co。, Ltd。 With the powerful consent from Mr。 Zhu Ding, the brand of Ellai was officially listed。 All the participating guests were witnessing the countdown to work with Ellai Bathware to open up the door to wealth。

     Mr. Miu, Senior Vice Chairman of CBCSA, Xu Xiwu, Deputy Secretary General of CBCSA, and Mr. Zhao Long, President of Beijing ALLGF Company Limited, accompanied by Mr. Meng Linglai, President of Shanghai Ellai Bathware, Mr. Zhu Ding, General Manager of the company, and Xu Weijie, the vendor representative, participated in the opening ceremony, adding momentum to the opening of the door to wealth. Ellai also invited Dr. Zhao Long, Executive Director of the Brand Lab of China Light Industry Information Center (CLIIC) and President of Beijing ALLGF Co., Ltd., to share the dynamic trends of the industry with the vendors on the site. Dr. Zhao helped the vendors to analyze the development space of bathroom products from three aspects: identifying the industrial features, promoting capabilities, and taking advantages of key resources. He also predicted that a super brand will appear in the industry within the next 3 to 5 years.

     What’s future like for Ellai?: An Innovator and Subverter in China’s Bathroom Industry 
Will the super brand in the bathroom industry be Ellai? The result will be known only through the testification by the market. However, Ellai is apparently working on the deployment for this goal. As General Manager Zhu indicated, Ellai will play the role of the “innovator and subverter of in the industry of Chinese bathroom products” by connecting Made-in-China quality in line with international bathware concepts while providing a brand-new lifestyle for the general public.

Innovator: In order to bring better bathroom experience to consumers, Ellai is the first to create the scenario-based display and uses series of life scenarios to move consumers and inspire their motive for purchases, posing itself as a distinctive segment from the existing brands in the market.

Subverter: Ellai initiates the one-stop delayered channel of distribution to eliminate the drawbacks caused by drip-pricing and overstocking, while its relationship with vendors is no longer a Party A-Party B one but a collaborating partnership to face consumers together. For this, Ellai has not only established powerful teams of designer and brand management but also made full commitment to creating a service-vendor-based
iron triangle team to provide vendors with complete services and supports in terms of product R&D, market promotion and sales management.

From 2014 to date, Ellai has successively opened 8 outlets in total and enlisted more than ten partners who recognized Ellai’s delayered channel of marketing and profit-making models. In 2016, Ellai started to officially recruit partners in the market of mainland China. In the coming five years, the number is expected by Ellai to amount to 3000. The future is with Ellai. In view of the “new fortune” to be generated by Ellai’s
new brand name, new channel models and new concepts, what are you waiting for?

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