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Mirror Glaze: Ellai’s Innovative Patent of Antibacterial Glaze

Mirror glaze, Ellai’s new bathroom patent, is a nanometer antibacterial glaze featured by its self-cleaning function with such characteristics as easy-to-clean, anti-bacterial, and health care performances。 Thanks to the special technology applied to the material, such products are able to achieve long-standing antibacterial effect。 

Mirror glaze itself is a ceramic sanitary product which is fired under a temperature as high as 1,280 ℃ to form a special layer of surface glaze on top of the base glaze. The base glaze is a kind of highly-smooth opacified glaze, while the surface glaze is a kind of super-smooth and highly-antibacterial transparent glassy glaze with a delicate, bright and smooth surface, difficult for dirt to stay and easy to clean.

Meanwhile, the nano Ag antibacterial agent contained in the glaze layer has highly effective, wide-spectral and enduring antibacterial property with its antibacterial rate reaching as high as 92%. After the double-layered glaze and greenware are simultaneously fired under high temperature, the self-cleaning glaze is capable of more powerful anti-wear, anti-acid, anti-alkali, and heat-resistant performances to eliminate a wide range of issues for ordinary glazed surface, including the rough and unsmooth glazed surface, vulnerability to grease, urine scale, water scale, and soapy water, let alone the difficulty in cleaning, and likeliness to produce harmful bacteria and viruses in the dark, cold and damp environment.

Compared to the ordinary glazed product, the sanitary product with mirror glaze is characterized by less likeliness to collect dirt, self-cleaning properties, wide-spectrum and effective anti-bacterial performance, which significantly improves the hygiene of people’s living environment, reduces the germ spreading in the bathroom, safeguard the inhabitant’s health, and elevate people’s quality of life。 As a sanitary product with environmental protection properties, it will lead the development of the entire bathware and sanitary industry in the direction towards environmental protection, antibacterial performance, and self-cleaning。 


Currently, Ellai’s bathroom products are all mirror-glazed to make them become environment-friendly ceramic products with higher dirt resistance and anti-bacterial performance.

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