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Ellai Bathware Makes Its Stunning Debut at China International Kitchen and Bathroom Expo

The 21st China International Kitchen and Bathroom Expo will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from June 1st to 4th. The phenomenal debut made by Ellai will share its brilliant bathroom products sculptured out of international views and artisan spirit with the whole nation to jointly explore the new bathroom concept of “for exploration, for people, and for life”.

      Ellai signifies Made-in-China quality and international styles. After 17 years of service for international bathroom brands, it has made its return to China, with its emphasis on reasonable and exquisite designs of minimalism to advocate its brand concept of “Easy for use, Easy for house, and Easy for life”, aiming to replace the pursuit for external gorgeousness with careful design, select materials, and rigorous technology for people to acquire the “most self-fit” experience.

      In additional to inheriting traditional Chinese ceramic technologies, Ellai also imports international cutting-edge bathware ideas. When exposed in huge materialistic abundance, people are more and more inclined to fulfill their internal needs and switch from material pursuit to spiritual liberation, looking daily commodities best suitable for themselves to lead a simple and healthy way of living.

      Ellai would like to invite you to jointly explore the new bathroom concept of “Easy for use, Easy for house, and Easy for life”, to discover what kind of bathroom products are most comfortable to use and what kind of bathroom designs will add more aesthetic touch to your life. Bathroom products are no longer unrefined petite things but humanized and artistic daily necessities instead to allow users to experience the philosophy of simplicity in beauty in a self-pleasing life.

Ellai made special efforts to invite Italian designers to adopt innovative open designs to exhibit the unique innovation of bathroom space through conceptualized and theme-based bathroom designs. The entire display stand resembles a maze where you need to calm down in order to peacefully and slowly explore the multi-dimensional relationship between the product, space, people and life.

Ellai’s humanistic, considerate, and sophisticate design in details will provide users with doubled comfort. The family-themed overall bathroom design includes specially designed basins for children with consideration of the height difference between children and adults so that they don’t have to tiptoe any more. The design of fully open space under the basin is free of any barriers and accessible for wheelchairs used by elderly or disabled people. Ellai has taken full considerations of your special needs, paying additional attention to places you can’t see, to follow out Ellai’s brand concept of “User Friendly and Life Agreeable”.

Ellai’s urban white-collar theme showcases the conceptualized mini-size bathroom design. The tiny space is subject to Ellai’s integrated bathroom planning to feature not only easiness and comfort in use but also concise beauty in look, which meets the urban resident’s taste and demand and epitomizes the realistic life of modern white-collars. Ellai’s advocacy for green and environmental life drives it to adopt recycled water utilization systems for high-efficiency water conservation and reasonable use of scarce resources in the city.

      In the scorching summer time, Ellai also prepares a special cozy rest area for you to enjoy a relaxed sip of iced coffee and Ellai’s proposed experience “for exploration, for people, and for life”.

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